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Program Objective

Our after-school program objective at Yo! Magazine is to teach!  Before the program begins we respectfully converse and collaborate with our contracted facilities or sponsors to recruit up to twenty students to participate in our three month program.  The structure of our program is extremely flexible.  We educate students from elementary, middle, and high school starting with the third grade up to the twelfth on how to professionally create a 12-36 page magazine.  As a result of our selection process, the students that are chosen will participate in a general orientation followed by a preliminary training session in which each individual student will be taught the skill of how to operate equipment such as cameras, recorders, and other computerized devices and applications.  In our advanced training, specific students will learn the skill of how to conduct an interview, write a story, and take a photograph. Furthermore, we provide each student with a strong developmental structure by engaging him or her in activities that develops their abilities to grow by using real life scenarios in the field of journalism.  We build upon their skills and talents while providing students with a solid sense of independency. Our approach to teaching students is a simple method that works because we thrive on understanding and respecting their way of life.  In our program we show how learning something new can help them grow.  The result from our approach gives the student a chance to have a better interaction with their peers.  Also they learn how they conduct themselves within their community, how they view society, and how they are able to bridge the gap between themselves and adults. 

As an overall focus we concentrate on four key areas in our after-school program.  Education, Psychosocial Development, Recreation, and Career Awareness (E.P.R.C).  We also take great pride in fostering a new generation of journalists through practical hands-on work in our program.  Students handpick each individual interviewee that’s presented for the magazine, which in return gives them complete ownership of who’s actually represented in the magazine in which they created.  Altogether, we provide students with the ultimate pride and desire to conduct interviews with political figures, business professionals as well as noted celebrities in the careers of television, sports, music, and more. 

At the conclusion of our after-school program, we reward students with fun filled trips that grab our students attention and awaken their imagination, which in turn inspires them to want to learn more while being creative.  We also do end term parties, celebrating their achievements.  We also provide national exposure for our top students and the program site they represent by using TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets. 

Yo! Magazine provides several other great opportunities for students and many more lucrative incentives for our contracted facilities or sponsors.  So take advantage of this wonderful program by contacting us today and speaking to one of our sales associates for further details.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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