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Marketing & Branding

We specialize in branding your company effectively. We provide graphic design, web development, social media branding, and brand image consulting. Our expert team is dedicated to meeting the needs of clients.



Our team at Media Club House Inc. upholds the standards for good music as we merge our agency, with new and upcoming artist. With years of musical experience both on the business side and artist side, we have honed in on our skills to produce music that sells and meets the industry needs.


Film & Television

With film as our company’s backdrop, we have had the opportunity to shoot videos and short film projects. Our clients benefit from our state of the art equipment and our seasoned experience.


Management & Consulting

Our management & consulting  aspect includes based services and premiere artist/manager product services. Our managers have years of management experience, and provides our artist with bookings, distribution, contracts, and brand marketing.  Our business consulting provide years of experience in brand building.


After School & Community Development Programs

At Media Club House Inc. we strive to give back to our communities. We create programs that inspire and enhance learning capabilities amongst inner city students. Our programs include our acclaimed Yo! Magazine, Future Science, Future Sports, Emagineer, and Kids Love Film Making.


Distribution Channel

At Media Club House Inc. we needed to provide the best service for our client so we partnered with Red Knight Distribution.  They have over 60 years of Experience and boast one of the largest distribution resource in the business.


MCH  Educational Programs

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