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Book Distribution


Let  MCH Create, publish and distribute your book with our new partner Power House Publication.   Join the world of published authors and take advantage of MCH – a fast, easy way to publish your work.


Here’s how you’ll benefit:


Keep control. Maintain complete creative control and own your copyright with our non-exclusive agreement.  Publish easily. Use free tools to build and publish your book.  Get to market fast. Have your work published and available in just a few days.  Distribute globally and reach readers worldwide by making your book(s)available at  Barnes n Noble, Amazon.com and Amazon’s European websites.  Earn high royalties. Set your list price and receive industry-leading royalties.


Were we distribute to:


United States

Ingram - the nation's largest book wholesaler to bookstores and libraries.

Baker & Taylor - wholesale book distributor to libraries and bookstores.

Amazon - the nation's largest on-line book retailer

Barnes & Noble - the nation's largest bookstore chain

NACSCorp – National Association of College Stores – wholesaler to the academic market


United Kingdom


Bertram's - major trade wholesaler in the UK (servicing over 1,000 booksellers) with links to major traders in Western Europe.

Blackwell Book Services - international library supplier

Coutts - library supplier and retailer

Cypher Library Supplier - a leading supplier to UK public libraries

Dawson Library Supplier - supplier to academic, institutional and specialist libraries in the UK and mainland Europe.

Gardner's - major trade wholesaler, servicing the major UK book chains and internet shops as well as European booksellers.

Digital Books

Amazon Kindle

Apple Book Store


Magazine Distribution

The retail and consumer market for magazines continues to change almost daily. The wholesale distributors gain or lose clients, retailers revise the mix of titles they display, and consumers demand publications that reflect their ever-changing tastes and lifestyles.


MCH meets the demands of the market and guides our clients through it with the interaction of seven key operating departments. Each operating department is designed to fulfill a specific function as it relates to your particular circulation requirements. Our ability to custom design single copy circulation plans, utilizing the proper mix of services from each department, is a determining factor in our ongoing success.  We also have key distributing partners that gives us a key marketing and distribution advantage.



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