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Media Club House Inc. is a privately held company. Our major goal his to be one of the top companies in media publishing and business acquisitions.  We provide services such as business management, business acquisition, web design, web development, mobile application development, web hosting, app development, logistics, marketing & branding, business consulting, growth management, book/magazine publishing, government services, educational service consulting, precious metal supplier, music production, film production, SEO, after school programming, and community project development.


Media Club House Inc manages different corporations and brands.  We are retained by investors/owners to manage their business, unit trusts, hotels, resorts, real estate, property development, and offshore companies for a management-fee.


We value our relationships and provide a high level of service to our clients.  Our Management team comprises of experienced managers with 30 years of established track records in their respective fields.    Our team usually provide services such as accounting, general administration, business acquisition, marketing and branding, business finance, SEO,  product launch, event management, trend analysis, consulting service, maintenance recruitment, and international business.


Andrae Givans - CEO and founder

June Carey - President

Winston Mitchell - VP of International Operations

Frederick Mcbeth - VP of New York Operations

Dr. Ba’sim Zaki Adib - VP Educational Services

Ben Powell - VP of Community Outreach

Ancil Cox - Director Music & Film East Coast

Josua Cook - Director Music & Film West Coast

Micheal Foster, CPA - FosterCo, LLC

Bevon Mclean, ESQ - McLean Ravensworth LLC


MCH  Educational Programs

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